Finally, we found the good people. MyGradPad is a tech-savvy real estate brokerage that helps college graduates find an apartment in New York City. Say goodbye to sketchy brokers and hello to friendly, transparent ones. It’s not easy to come across honest real estate companies in NYC – and right in Murray Hill, too. The brokerage not only offers apartment tours, but also developed its own Roommate Recommender software. So MyGradPad finds you the apartment and the person to live in it with you as well. Win-win.

We got the chance to sit down with the CEO of MyGradPad, Brittny Cantor. A Rollins graduate who had a terrible experience looking for an apartment in New York City (haven’t we all?), Brittny decided to defer her master’s studies at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate and start MyGradPad. Today the company is in its third year of business, funded by prime investors including commercial real estate mogul Edward Minskoff.

W27 Newspaper: Why did you start MyGradPad?

Brittny Cantor: Like many founders of companies, I had a bad experience finding my own apartment and I wanted to create a company that simply had great customer service and streamlined the process of finding an apartment for people my age. Our demographic didn’t have a go-to brokerage to use – until MyGradPad. I felt that many of the agents I was working with to find my own apartment didn’t quite understand what was important to me nor did they take the time to.

W27: You mentioned customer service was a big problem to you. What does customer service mean to MyGradPad?

BC: We see each and every one of our clients as not a one-time client but as part of the MyGradPad family. We’ve had many repeat clients and I think the reason why we’ve had so many clients is because of the relatable and professional service that MyGradPad gives them.

W27: What really sets you apart from other brokerages?

BC: Apart from our company culture, what makes us different is that we charge a discounted broker’s fee and our streamlined software that allows people to not only find apartments but roommates as well.

W27: What do you tell students who come to you and don’t want to pay the fee?

BC: There is more to finding an apartment than going to see them, you need to know where to look and where a lot of people our age go to is Craigslist and they end up getting scammed with a bait and switch agent. When renting an apartment you have to lay a lot of money out  –  first, last and fee. You can’t just hand that over to someone you don’t trust or you will get taken advantage of. There’s also a lot of apartments in New York City that are simply just not listed online. This is our profession and this is what we do so I feel that finding an apartment should be left to the professionals.

W27: You guys market yourselves as a hybrid real estate technology company. What does that mean?

BC: What makes us a hybrid tech company is that we are building all of our own software instead of licensing it. We see ourselves in the next two or three years as not only being a brokerage but also a software company.

The two main pieces of software that we’ve built so far is a customer relationship management (CRM) software as well as a roommate recommending software. The CRM software, which we call the portal, functions very much like Salesforce, and we will start to sell that software to companies with around 10 employees. The roommate recommending software has a very unique algorithm that pairs people together  – the four main components are a person’s move in date, mutual friends on Facebook, budget and preferred neighborhood.

W27: So right now you’re based in New York City. Are you looking to expand your services to other cities?

BC: Yes, absolutely. Right now we’re really focused on crushing the New York City market. I think there’s a lot more market share that we can go after. I see us in the next two years also opening up an office on the west coast.

W27: As a college student myself, I’ve encountered so many sketchy brokers that I didn’t want to work with. Could you describe one of the brokers at MyGradPad?

BC: We look to hire people that fit the MyGradPad image; people who genuinely have your best interest at heart and aren’t only looking to sell you an apartment but find you a home you love. A lot of our clients become our friends afterwards and I think that’s a big testament to the type of people we hire and the people that work with us.

W27: Awesome. Last question – what influences your fashion sense?

BC: I love nice shoes, crazy socks, custom button-ups and Rag & Bone. I take a lot of pride in my appearance so I’ll dress professionally on the job, but I’ll always incorporate my own style.

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