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Honors In Action: Phi Theta Kappa’s Trend Forecasting

Phi Theta Kappa, FIT’s Honor Society, will be teaming up with the Models and Stylists Association when they throw a fashion showcase for the FIT community on Dec. 3. The event will focus on trends, cultural stigmas and cultural appropriation in New York, Paris and China.

“Each year, every chapter of PTK hosts an event that reflects a given theme. We have to meet certain requirements that include researching a topic, presenting our research to the school community and getting the community as involved as possible,” Ally Moran, VP of Service and Fellowship at PTK said. After the event wraps up, the PTK board is required to submit a paper about the development of the event and their research findings to PTK headquarters. All the research papers coming in from PTK’s various chapters across the country will be evaluated, and the chapter with the most innovative, challenging and interesting event will receive an award at the annual PTK conference.

Everyone in the FIT community is invited and should attend. The aim is to have a fun at this informative event and to start a conversation about the fine line between emulating a culture and cultural appropriation and stigmas, and how all of us can take action against that. The Models and Stylists Association will be in charge of showing the trends discovered through PTK’s research in a fashion show. As a treat to the audience, goodies associated with each culture will be given out.

FIT is not only a school but also a community. Our uniqueness is derived from the diversity of the student body — people coming from very different backgrounds, cultures and upbringings. Be sure to make it to PTK’s on Dec. 3

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