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Rising FIT Designer Lindy Fox Casts a Redwood-Sized Shadow Over the Competition

Across the board, every design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology dreams of one thing: to one day be featured in New York Fashion Week. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lindy Fox, a junior at FIT majoring in Fashion Design, whose pieces are currently available for purchase through Nineteenth Amendment — a website that highlights up-and-coming designers goods to be featured and sold to the public. More recently, Nineteenth Amendment has been picked up by Macy’s, who plans to introduce the company both online and in store. Pulling from her roots in Northern California, Fox works hard to incorporate a unique color palette into her designs.


River Rodriguez: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

Lindy Fox: I grew up in California on a farm where I was surrounded by this sort of do it yourself mentality and very entrepreneurial spirit that it takes to run your own business, whether it’s growing food or making clothes. It’s the same startup mentality. I grew up around that and I grew up surrounded by this warm, earthy color palette. I’ve started my journey of expressing myself through design. I’ve wanted to start from the beginning of who I am and where I came from.

RR: After you graduated from the Fashion
Institute of Design and Merchandising, what
drew you to FIT?

LF: I always knew that the best two design schools in the country were FIT and Parsons. I looked at both curriculums and I was pretty convinced by FIT because of their knitwear program. FIT has a huge emphasis on knitwear and the curriculum really goes heavily into that if that’s what you choose to do. Other schools and even Parsons does not even come close to the depth of knowledge on knitwear as opposed to FIT. I plan to choose that as my concentration. That’s why I chose FIT.

RR:  You have a specific color palette, what inspired you?

LF: Specifically for Luxe Utilitarian [one of Fox’s collections], I really was combining going back to my roots, and for the style lines and color palette I was just purely inspired by Northern California. I also included some actual redwood drift from the actual beach in California, brought it back to New York and incorporated that into the accessories
and some of the jewelry. Redwood is very
specific to California.

RR: As you begin to gain more credentials, what are your feelings moving forward in your career?

LF: In one year’s time, I would like to see my clothes covered in more print media and in editorial, digital too, of course, and get a few more press relationships with stylists as well. Iwould love and dream of seeing a celebrity in my clothing. I think it’ll be super surreal when that does happen. There’s no way to predict when it will though.

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